Top Five Alarm Clocks to Ensure You Don't Sleep in


Top Five Alarm Clocks to Ensure You Don't Sleep in
Top Five Alarm Clocks to Ensure You Don't Sleep in

The time in the UK went forward an hour yesterday for daylight savings, and consequently when I ran into our Shiny Towers this morning at just before 11am, everyone laughed at my expense for not remembering to set my alarm clock forward. D'oh! At least it ensured me a seat on the train so I could sit there in my morning funk, iPod blaring away and sunglasses firmly attached to my eye sockets without snarling at too many people. My tardiness today has provoked me to consider the fact that perhaps I should invest in a nice alarm clock, rather than the £20 Ikea job I have currently, so get your credit cards ready, and let's look at some kit.

1.) My favourite, this Yoshitomo Nara clock contains 84 unique drawings by the Japanese artist, so with every passing minute, the clock flips to reveal a new drawing, each somehow containing the appropriate number. It's $249.99 though, so sadly won't be waking me up tomorrow morning. Sob!

2.) This Ventriloque alarm clock allows you to record any message you want onto it, so you can wake up to your baby gurgling at you, your boyfriend reciting some Blake, or what I'd do, record the 'mind the gap' message from the tube. Because nothing is more guaranteed to get you out of bed than having that irritating message repeated over and over. It's designed by Paris's Tsé & Tsé and is $95, although looks like it's currently sold out, so one best bookmarked perhaps.

3.) Having been raised in a tiny country town and accustomed to awakening to birdsong, living in London does have its obvious downfall, so this Identiflyer alarm clock is extremely appealing. You can change the song cards in the clock, and be woken up by a different bird call any day of the week, for just $19.98.

4.) The Germans of the Black Forest are no doubt shaking their heads over these Coo Clocks, which feature a little animal that darts out on the hour and crows in its particular call. Judging by the picture, you can even get a zebra clock, which I presume makes a sound similar to a horse? Maybe it's time for that trip to Africa I've always been after...Anyway, it's £45, but the best thing about it is it automatically turns off the chime when the room gets dark.

5.) Everyone admits to despising their alarm clocks each morning, so surely having the opportunity to shoot it with a gun will start your day off with a smile, rather than the grunt or curseword it's normally blessed with. Designed by by Roger Ibars, it's still unfortunately a concept idea at the moment, but I'm sure some has the skillz to make it a reality, non?

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