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Three Things Every Woman Should Give a Try ...

By ave

Women of today just have so much in their hands: family, friends, work and ton of responsibilities. Because of the multitude of tasks that a woman should accomplish every single day, she sometimes doesn’t have (or see the need for) the time to do the things that she simply HAS to do, things that she should try at least once in this lifetime. Really, you as a woman, are missing out on a lot of things! Here are three things that every woman has to give a try:

Go on a non-diet…at least for one entire day every week!
**Treat yourself to 24 hours of freedom…**at least in terms of eating the food that you have been craving for! Don’t count the calories, don’t read the labels, don’t think of how fast the fat from your favorite cheeseburger can go straight to your hips. You can always lose that in all the six other days of the week! So go on and treat yourself to that creamy caramel fudge that you’ve been eyeing. You deserve it!
Fly to that dream vacation spot!
If you’ve always planned to go to an exotic place but found no time ever to do it, well here’s good news for you: there will never ever BE a good time! If you continue to think about the drawbacks and all the other barriers that prevent you from taking that dream vacation, you will never ever have the chance to take it. Hence, quit thinking and book that dream vacation now. You can even go alone if you have to! Go and visit the Sahara Desert, bask in the architectural beauty of Russia or fall in love in Paris, France.
Date Yourself!
So you’ve been on the lookout for Mr. Right but you now find dating as a boring chore. Well, then, take the time out and enjoy your own life. Date yourself! You need not find a man just for you to enjoy life’s pleasures. Go to that new restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit, treat yourself to a night of dancing and singing at your favorite pub or karaoke spot and you can always get a full day of spa and beauty treatments on your own! While it’s true that it’s good to spend some time with someone else, it’s refreshing to just be alone once in a while.
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