**by Yolanda Pegues-Barry **

Your senses ~ Sight, Touch, Hearing, Smell, and Taste ~ enable you to interact with your environment. Even as a tiny baby you are already reacting constantly to the World that is in contact with you ~ the smell of our Mother's skin, the feel of objects, the sound of music, the taste of food, the sight of someone's face. All these things very soon become open to interpretation ~ you learn to differentiate between smiles and frowns, you learn to distinguish between sounds that soothe you and sounds that make you feel uneasy; perhaps one day you put a hand on something very hot and discover from the searing pain that this is really unpleasant.

Through your interpretations you begin to shape your World and change your behavior. Your senses tell you what appeals to you and what does not. Roses smell astonishingly sweet, look beautiful ~ and feel prickly to touch. If your senses tell you mostly positive things, you will probably decide you still want these flowers. As life goes on, you continue to interpret the events that take place through sensory information, which is the basis for all Marketing. The modern World we live in plays to the senses in more and more ways to entice us. The average journey to work exposes the eyes to maybe a hundred Advertising Messages.

We are flooded with images, sounds, tastes, smells. Yet, ironically, one important way to manage all this overstimulation is to recover the active awareness of our own senses, so that we interact with the World from our own choice, through our own powers of observation. Thus we no longer just passively receive sensory information, but actively view it and choose what helps us best. For example, instead of being upset and annoyed by noise, we can learn to create opportunities for quiet, and rest our ears.

If we work in a place where we breathe only recycled air-conditioned air, we can ease our mind by inhaling the scents of nature. By using our senses positively, we can totally change how we feel and learn to relax more effectively. The more you try the exercises, both alone and with your friends for fun, the more you will start to think about how you live, where you live, and what really matters to you. It may encourage you to make simple, positive changes in your environment that will make a real contribution to your sense of "Relaxation and Well-Being". These tools will allow you to de~stress yourself and improve your levels of energy.

So now ~ Relax and Enjoy the Journey! Remember to use your Senses and Live a "Happy and Stress Free Life"!

*Touch is one of the most powerful and simple ways to understand your World*

*Inhale the perfumes of flowers to soothe and calm your mind, so you feel peaceful"!


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