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Steal Runaway Beauty Phillip Lim Fall 2008 Beauty Trends ...

By Maria

The much-applauded 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2008 collection highlighted deep red lips, straight and side-parted hairstyles and a whole lotta drawn on eyebrows. We saw blazers, flannel trousers, dresses **to cover most parts of your body and **wide leg jeans. Yes, the collection was back to warmth and to being prim and proper and back to the old days, I daresay. The drawn on eyebrows do take a lot of attention, don’t they?
Main Trends:Lips:

Fans of deep red lips - rejoice! It’s basically YOUR season, according to Phillip Lim. Crimson puckers are in this fall.

Nars Lipstick Fire Down Below

The NARS Lipstick Fire Down Below ($24 value) is a great tool to achieve that crimson pucker look. A certified Best of Sephora product, your lips are also moisturized since this product contains vitamin E.
Enough of the cakey look! This fall season, don’t be afraid to flaunt just how fresh and radiant your skin is. Phillip Lim wants you to look as casual as casual can be…but at the same time highlighting the contours of your face.

Nars Concealer


Even if you don’t have perfectly flawless skin, you can still have “that look” for fall. With this NARS Concealer (sold for $21 at Sephora), you can easily cover up small imperfections on your face. This product contains vitamins and is in a lipstick-like tube so you can easily apply it before you leave home and re-apply for touch-ups.

Who would ever think drawing on “additional” eyebrow hairs could be fashionable?
Nars Eyebrow Pencil:


Get this NARS eyebrow pencil(available in three natural hues) to achieve the funky drawn on eyebrows look. Sold over at Sephora for only $19.

Don’t say goodbye to **straight hair **just yet! Phillip Lim sees a straight, side parted hair trend for this season.

Straight and tamed hair is possible with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray. Sold for only $24, this product can keep your locks down and manageable.

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