SpringSummer Fashion Keywords ...


SpringSummer Fashion Keywords ...
SpringSummer Fashion Keywords ...

It's March now, for as much as fashion shows we've seen in the past couple weeks, have you figure out this springs/summer fashion keyword yet? We smelled something and we'd love to discuss with you.

Extra height
As we don't have enough shoes, esp. high heel shoes, "sign", the new heels are big this year.

Notice most of them have a thicker front now? We get it, it's bold heels. High heels that has a twist is in this year... but hey, if you are a ballet flat kinda gal, it's perfectly fine.

Mini bottom
High hems seems to be hot this year- mini skirt and short shots are on it's way back. Both Channel and Doir's spring collection showed lots of legs and skins. Of course, if you have long and nice legs, it's your show time. Pick up a super short shorts and pair it with a platform, Instant super model look. Unfortunately for me, that fashion will not go further than my bedroom.

Bold jewelry

Bold jewelry is still in. In fact, bold jewelry might never be out. Who doesn't love jewelry, right? When something so beautiful, you want it bigger and bigger. You want it more and more. All you need is just one piece or two to bring an entire outfit back to life. (Photo credit)

Lighter bag
If you've pay attention to both New York Fashion week and the Paris Fashion Week, you probably noticed that this season's it bag is became lighter. Lots of designers used white in their collection, a lot. Another heavily used color is tan. For some reason, tan seems to be the new black- safe color. It almost goes with anything.

White shades
Nicole has been seen in them. DKNY, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana all have new collection of them, you get it? I know it might take some gut to actually practice it but it is the keyword of this season's trends.

Well, there are more tons of "keywords" in those fashion weeks. What did you pick up?

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