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Play the Perfumer ...

By Carla

My friend knows that I love Creative Scentualization's Perfect Veil perfume so she gave me a few perfumes she'd thought I'd like. What she gave me was actually a few notes from their Perfumers Palette series of perfumes, Soft Musk and Clean Musk.

Creative Scentualization's Perfumers Palette is a series of perfumes you can mix and match to create your own custom scent. When I was younger, I use to visit Garden Botanika and make a custom fragrance... it was the only custom blending we had in Seattle. This series of perfumes reminds me of how much fun that was and this is a great grown up version.

There are no rules with these perfumes, you can mix some of the top, middle and base notes or wear them on their own. It's up to you. I've been wearing the Soft Musk base note on it's own nonstop for the last month. One thing that really struck me about wearing it is how much is smells like a longer wearing version Philosophy's Amazing Grace. Now I just need to pick up a few more notes to mix it with.

I was in touch with Marichelle Daywalt of Creative Scentualization on this series of perfumes and she's suggested a few combinations:

“Secret Garden”: Blood Orange, Violet, Clean Musk
“The Young Sophisticate”: Bergamot, Honeysuckle, Chocolate
“Find Your Zen”: Grapefruit, Green Tea, Clean Musk
“Walk in the Woods”: Bergamot, Fig, Sandalwood
“My Boudoir”: Bergamot, Rose, Vanilla
“Mediterranean Holiday:” Grapefruit, Fig, Soft Musk
“Island Breeze”: Lychee, Gardenia, Soft Musk

I think I might need Green Tea and Rose now. What notes would you mix together?

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