A Different Kind of Scent: Organic & Natural Perfumes ...

First there was organic food. Then, thereโ€™s organic make-up, organic undies (!), and now -**organic perfume**.

Our quest to find the ultimate organic products is based from the fact that we are a more environmentally conscious society now. Also, there is that back-to-basics concept which makes us prefer the **natural **over the synthetic.

When it comes to organic and natural perfumes, what is its difference from the current designer scents **that we wear? Basically, a natural perfume is manufactured using only the **natural, essential oils -without mixing synthetics or petrochemicals. The same thing applies to organic perfumes, which do not contain synthetic ingredients. Organic **and **natural perfumes are made using the ancient art of perfumery.

This online article that Iโ€™ve stumbled upon has a list of the members of the Natural Perfumers Guild.

One of the best sources on the web is Natural Perfumers. This is a guild of many highly-skilled perfumers who have taken their art to another level, and for **health, moral/**environmental, or spiritual **reasons choose to use only **natural scents.

The Scented Life

One issue that natural perfume manufacturers had to deal with, however, is how to make the scents **last. The solution is to use highly-concentrated **scented oils and plants -so that the wearer can smell great all day long. In addition, the newer batch or organic **and **natural **perfumes offer exciting possibilities when it comes to the final product -the **scents **will surely tease your **senses, as well as suit your mood **and **personality.

So what type of scent **are you wearing right now? Are you ready to go **organic?

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