4 Medical Tests That May save Your Life ….


Not only should we ladies get that regular teeth cleaning sessions, eye check ups and visits to the dermatologist, we should also undergo certain tests that may prove to be life saving. Here are four medical tests that may save your life (please don’t hesitate to share this with your friends or better yet, direct them to this page!):

1. Test High Sensitivity C-reactive Protein

This test measures the amount of inflammation in your body by examining levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (CRP) in your bloodstream. Our bodies naturally produce inflammatory responses in order to ward off infections and heal wounds. However, high levels of that may cause the blood vessels to harden and that’s not a good thing.

Now if you’re one who has the symptoms of heart disease (havehigh levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure), then you must undergo this test. Ask for the high-sensitivity CRP test rather than the standard one, which is used for diagnosing conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease.

If you have a medical insurance plan, ask if this test is covered. Generally, the test costs about $60.

Test Audiogram
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