Smokers' Spouses at Big Risk for Stroke - Another Reason for You to Quit!

If you’ve been bugging your spouse to quit that nasty smoking habit to no end, then this may help convince him or her. A recent study has reportedly found that nonsmokers who are married to someone who smokes are put at big risks for stroke. Yes, that dangerous secondhand smoke may well just be the reason for your spouse’s stroke! I don’t know about you but if you love someone, do you really want to put him or her at such great risk?

The study, led by researchers of the Harvard School of Public Health, showed that being married to a current smoker increased the risk of a first stroke by a whopping 42 percent **among those who never smoked in the first place. Also, former smokers who had a smoking spouse had a **72 percent (!!!) increased risk for stroke compared to those who were married to a person who never ever smoked.

Fortunately, the risk can be cut if the spouse FINALLY kicks the habit. Yes, you must say adieu to your cancerous cigarette sticks. Take that big step and sacrifice that habit. You know very well that it’s not good for you. It’s not good for your skin. It’s not good for your health. Now, given this new piece of information, you also know very well that it’s not good for your loved ones!

The million dollar question now is — Will you quit (or at least TRY) or will you just let your loved ones die?

Photo credit: Soka

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