Little Known Ways to Stand out at a Party


Little Known Ways to Stand out at a Party
Little Known Ways to Stand out at a Party

Heading out solo to another party? If you want to be noticed, you’ll need to learn how to work the room.

• Time your arrival so that you show up about an hour after the party has started. Early party goers will inquire about why you’re not there, and they’ll really take notice when you finally arrive (be sure that it’s not an event that’s critical that you arrive on time).
• Mingle with the host, and other guests. Moving about the room and talking to everyone will give a great impression that you’re open-minded and not stuck with a certain clique.

• Don’t know what to say? Bring up anything that has to do with current events or celebrity gossip. Don’t always ask people what they do for a living, you’ll seem only interested in comparing your status. Do ask them what their interests and hobbies are. People will remember the ones that are genuinely interested.

• Hold a drink in your hand to avoid fiddling, stand with your legs slight apart and your feet pointing out and be sure to keep your arms uncrossed. You’ll project a more open and trusting image.

• Be well groomed. Try a fun new look that fits your personal style. Everyone takes notice of a trend setting man.

• Smile and have a good sense of humor. The positive vibes smiling and laughing gives off will make everyone around you more comfortable and you’ll be more approachable. Laughs usually attract a nice crowd and you’ll be remembered as fun guy to be around.

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