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Kate Winslet Gets Naked for Vanity Fair ...

By Mabelle

Kate Winslet fans should be painfully aware that it’s been almost a year since we last saw her in the big screen – but there’s no need to worry! The 33-year old actress is making a splashing comeback as she strips down to her bare essentials on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

One the cover, Kate is sitting down wearing nothing but a gorgeous cream coat and gold platforms. Her only adornment is a gold bracelet – and she has on this big, Barbie doll hairstyle and oh-so-perfect makeup.

Marie Claire UK said that there’s also a pic where Kate bared her bottom – where she recreated her famous pose on the movie Titanic.

If you’ll remember, there was some ruckus 6 years back over another mag photo shoot where Kate took offense over the mag airbrushing her pic to make her look slimmer than she really was. So is it the same case for the **Vanity Fair shoot? **Hardly!

Kate really did look fabulous and hardly needed any retouching at all. Just a little smoothing of the skin tone and covering of blemishes. There was no change in the body shape. She really does look that hot.'

- Marie Claire UK

Watch out for Kate’s upcoming film where she reunites with Titanic co-star Leonardo di Caprio. The film’s title is “**Revolutionary Road**” – which also stars Kathy Bates, and it’s set to be released on December 26. It’s directed by Kate’s hubby Sam Mendes.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire UK

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