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Beyonce on the Cover of InStyle Magazine ...

By Mabelle

Beyonce Knowles is November’s cover girl for InStyle magazine. The 27-year old singer who married rapper **Jay-Z **last April, reveals her fashion obsessions, her clothing choices before she got famous and what she wears when she’s off-cam.

It seems like one diva has an admiration for a Hollywood icon style-wise. In the interview, Beyonce said that actress Charlize Theron is one of her style icons because she is always beautiful and feminine. Halle Berry, Cher **and **Diana Ross are the other stars that she looks up to in style.
So what are Beyonce’s designer obsessions? Just as it is fitting on a fashionista like herself, Mrs. Jay-Z has an obsession with Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier. And what about what she wears when she’s off cam?

"I'm a lot more conservative in my personal life. But even when I'm dressed down, I wear a nice shirt, nice jeans and stilettos. Even when I go on vacation, where no one's going to see me, I enjoy picking out new clothes, bathing suits and accessories. I do it for myself because I enjoy fashion. It makes me feel like me."

It’s great to know that when it comes to fashion, a superstar like **Beyonce **is just as obsessed with it as we ‘mere mortals’ are!

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