Ionic "it" Hair Dryer ...


Ionic "it" Hair Dryer ...
Ionic "it" Hair Dryer ...

Decided it was time to upgrade my Revlon 1600 Ionic Dryer. First of let me tell you when I bought this I was instantly sold on the iconic feature – less frizz and more shine and volume (hands down).

It seems like to get a dryer you’re spending over $100 or under $35. I want to stay in the ‘under’ category so decided to do a little research on sticking to Revlon.

First of all it’s got to say something that Good Housekeeping did Tourmaline tests compared a $29.99 Revlon Tourmaline hair dryer with T3 Tourmaline hair dryers costing $200 and $300 – and they recommended the Revlon one. “The Revlon Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt Dryer had the highest overall score and the highest overall laboratory score. The Revlon was the lightest of all the dryers tested and the quietest of the dryers tested in the lab. All three tourmaline dryers dried the hair swatches **faster than the standard ionic dryer (my old 1600) — roughly 40% faster. **[via Good Housekeeping]”.

So now enters the next generation – the Revlon&reg">">Revlon® 1875 Watt IONIC® Ceramic Pro Stylist Professional Dryer Model RV484

I love it! **But it’s maybe a little too ‘pro’ for me to handle. My first try I had **shiny, straight hair in no time!!! but my new bangs were standing straight up (I kid you not). So then I tried using the curling iron to fix and ended up with a bad case of “The Claw” ala Cameron Diaz. A little practice with the styling and I’ll be set!

Oh! The **color is really confusing **– just look for the name and model number. In some areas they have the dryer in this great silver and frosty pink and in some it’s red and black(not as pretty but I think they’re trying to make it look more “pro”). The red has an F on the end of the model number, but I’m told they’re the same thing. I’ve been personally using the RV484F.

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