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Sunsilk Hair Care Products

By Christina

Have you spotted Sunsilk products at your local store yet? On recommendation from a friend, I picked up a couple of their conditioners last month. They have several different formulas for all kinds of hair issues - Anti-Flat, Anti-Poof, Hydra TLC, Straighten Up, De-Frizz, Normal and Therma shine. It took me a bit to decide what to try, as I could have probably used about 3 different ones. Each category has a shampoo, daily conditioner and what I think is a leave in moisturizing cream - the one I chose to try, the Hydra TLC, also has a masque, which is a more intensive moisturizing conditioner. I do have to say that their website is horrid to navigate, really slow and way too Flash-y, but the products are good, and very inexpensive. I probably won’t repurchase the masque, as I don’t think it does anything any better than their daily conditioner, but for the price, the conditioner is pretty darn good and it smells good too.

They have just come out with Color Boost products for Blondes and Brunettes - those are next on my list to try. They have shampoos and conditioners for both colors, plus a brightener. I love these kinds of products, generally speaking, they really do enhance especially an older color job that has gone a little dull. I suspect these will be good, I will let you know what I really think after I have it in my hot little hands. Have you tried it yet?

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