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Best Product for Your Hair Tui Hair Smoothie ...

By Mabelle

Edited by Tania

Guess what our best hair product **for the day is: it's the 'deliciously new' **Tui Hair Smoothie. The $19 container is a product of Carol's Daughter.

What the Tui Hair Smoothie does is to intensely condition normal to dry hair. Interestingly enough, this unique concept of hair 'smoothie' contains shea butter, cocoa butter, Jojoba oil and chamomile. The "Tui" term comes from the fruity combination of guava, mango and passion fruit.

With this product, you can definitely say goodbye to frizzy, unmanageable hair and say hello to great-smelling, silky, soft, smooth and tangle-free locks!

If you're not convinced enough, check out what some of our online users have to say about the Tui Hair Smoothie:
Abena, Beauty writer from California, US

Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie- LOVE IT!!!! I have been looking for a good deep conditioner and I found it in the Tui Hair Smoothie, and of course it smells WON-DER-FUL!
Azara, Hair Beauty Expert

Use your fingers to apply it and finger comb your hair to make sure it is evenly distributed. Leave it on for 15-30 minutes. If you are a little lazy like I am and you don't have time to detangle in step one, don't worry, the new smoothie formula will do the work for you. "Hello new recipe. Bye-bye tangles."
Miss Oyewo, 20 yr old Student, from Chicago, US

This product smells refreshing and takes you away to a delightful private island. The scent is a mixture of guava, passion fruit and mango. Mmmm Mmm Loved It!
Christine, Beauty Fanatic from California

Tui Hair Smoothie has a tropical scent with guava, mango and passion fruit which I'm trying out next. The smoothie is a thick creamy conditioner that feels just amazing! It's easy to customize how deeply it conditions your hair. Use after shampoo and leave it one for 1-2 minutes for a very intense daily moisturizing treatment. If you're looking for an incredibly deep conditioning experience you can apply for 5-15 minutes, even putting it under a cap or towel to increase heat and therefore penetration.The end result? Shiny soft hair that is somehow never greasy or weighed down! No wonder this product is such a cult favorite!

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