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How to Wear a Quilt and Not Look Stupid ...

By Jonathon

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When I think of women who wear quilts as clothing, hippies immediately come to mind. But not real hippies, just "nu age" types who drink Chai tea no-caf-half-lip-wrappa-frappa lattes from Starbucks and talk about "love and light in the moment" (while having absolutely no idea what that means). Bleh. Ugh. Wretch.

But never fear, die-hard quilt fan, because it is possible to wear a blanket as a garment and still look cool. The French design collective, Andrea Crews, came up with this dress that, as far as I can tell, simply has a quilt sewn on top of it -- and it looks fantastic. I love the way it hangs down as decoration, but can also be pulled out to be fully displayed every time someone asks: "is that a real quilt?" Or, presumably, whenever you want to draw attention to yourself.

While it might look simple, take care before trying this at home. The dress works mostly because of how the colors work together, so make sure you choose your color scheme accordingly. Also, I'd make sure you sew the quilt onto the same part of the dress (just beneath the bust), or it will be incredibly unflattering.
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