Get Smart Learn How to Tell if Your Guy's Straight or Gay ...


Get Smart Learn How to Tell if Your Guy's Straight or Gay ...
Get Smart Learn How to Tell if Your Guy's Straight or Gay ...

Here’s a 'gaily' (pun intended) interesting article from AOL Personals about how to tell if someone's gay or not.

There's this study conducted by researchers NYU, UCLA **and **Texas **where they found out that **subtle cues are easier to detect in gay men than in lesbians.

…gay men had hourglass figures, while the lesbians had more tubular bodies. In addition, the gay men tended to sway their hips, while the lesbian women swaggered their shoulders more than their straight counterparts.

So what are the other signs to watch out for to check if he's gay or not? Here's a few, just for laughs:

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He Cares about Your **hair **more than You do


He criticizes your choice in shoes


He's more fashion conscious than you are


He always tries to catch the eye of the cutest guy in the room

Uhhmm… I really can't add more to the list but I do love "**Will & Grace**" – I guess if you find out that a potential bf's gay, you can just turn him into your** BFF**, lol.

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hi sheila, this is victoria.. i asked an advice from you few weeks ago. i've got a news, its confirmed, he is bisexual. i opened his facebook without him knowing it ofcourse, i saw several messages from gays from the past, he also had a relationship with a gay. i confronted him yesterday, he told me that it was already his past and that he loves me. i told him that i love him so much that i will accept it but i am afraid in the future. i am confuse, i love him soo much, but im scared he might be tempted again and still have an affair with gays. i saw one of those who left a message to him, one was already with a wife and another with a gf, though my bf's reply to them were just pure civil and without any flirt or whatsoever. still im so afraid, can you give some advice please. its possible he might get tempted even if he loves me right? what should i do?

Please don't judge me for my age. I just thought that feminine features link to feminine hormones. Do you think that's true?

So I'm a straight girl. I know this guy, he's so gorgeous (think of Lucas Grabeel non-HSM) bright bue eyes, blond hair. He prefers to dress nicely. He cares about his hair, showers, gels it up and stuff. We played baseball one day and he changed shoes to play. What do I do?

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