Dear Fashion Kitty Cashmere Mafia Black Sweater Fur Sleeves ...


Dear Fashion Kitty Cashmere Mafia Black Sweater Fur Sleeves ...
Dear Fashion Kitty Cashmere Mafia Black Sweater Fur Sleeves ...

I noticed you seem to be quite the connoisseur of the fashions on Cashmere Mafia. Where can I find the sweater or something like it on Lucy Lui (black turtleneck with leopard print FUR sleeves... : ) It is a have to have! Can you help? Please and thank-you.

Ugh, I looked high and low and came up short but that's nothing a little craftiness can't fix. Take an inexpensive ribbed turtleneck sweater and a cheap leopard scarf ... get out your needle and thread, then go crazy.
Kate Moss | Leopard Print Scarf at ASOS
Leopard scarves are all the rage right now, especially for spring. Hard to believe that a scarf would be in vogue for spring but it is one of the # trends in accessories. Grab a light weight on like this to update your look.

For the Cashmere Mafia look ... get crafty and cut this up to make Lucy Liu's sweater with leopard sleeves. The scarf is like $9 so you can afford to tear it up.
Design History black stretch rib button detail turtleneck
It might seem strange to think about buying a black ribbed turtleneck now but it's actually the perfect time. Now that it is March you can get a great one on sale, since it's a classic piece its a great investment to get more than one.

And for the Cashmere Mafia look you can sew on some leopard print fabric to the sleeves to get the Mia Mason look.

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