Coach for Breast Cancer Awareness Month ...


Coach for Breast Cancer Awareness Month ...
Coach for Breast Cancer Awareness Month ...

Perrenial favorite here at the Purse Page, Coach **is definitely the number one designer and manufacturer of accessible luxury for blog readers. While many women may not own their favorite Fendi, Gucci or Louis Vuitton each season, most of us are fortunate enough to snag a **Coach bag at least once in their lifetime if they want to. Now, the handbag-maker is giving back to women with their specially designed collection of accessories to benefit Breast Cancer research. The tiny capsule collection includes an elegant, pink bridle watch, where the strap is studded with petal crystals. There is a charm-filled key fob, with hearts, crystals, and logos. A crystal-studded lanyard and two-tone pink leather heart handbag charm complete the group. These pieces are already sophisticated and stylish. By adding them to your wardrobe, you will not only be chic, but a conscientious contributor in helping the fight against the number two cancer killer of women. I can’t think of an easier shopping choice… can you?

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