Bra Ban ...


Bra Ban ...
Bra Ban ...

This post is going to sound a bit odd but it's been on my mind for weeks now. I think watching movies from the 60's and 70's might have something to do with it.

I am kinda over bras.

Yeah I know I spent like half the day in one yesterday but hear me out.

Pros of going bra free:
• Clothes (some) look better without bras• Bras are hella uncomfortable• Bras can get expensive• You get to wear Nippies
Confused by the last one? Let me explain.

Last night as my bra-banning self was getting dressed to go out, I stuck on a little dress and my high beams were, well, on high. A little too forward for club going in Hollywood. A light bulb went off in my head ... I have Nippies in my lingerie drawer that are just begging to be worn.

Btw- Nippies are these awesome little nipples stickers that keep you looking smooth when you go bra-less.

I put on a pair of pink butterfly Nippies last night and they looked freaking hot. My boobs were like those of a magical porn star without my clothes on but with clothes I looked like a respectable human being. I now want to wear Nippies like everyday, seriously.

Get them at some specialty boutiques or online for about $12.

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