Here is a new book due to be released next week called “Celebutantes” by Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanaa Hopper!

It’s all about Hollywood celebrity - all the juicy details included. There is virtually no censorship in this true story about the real life drama queens in Hollywood and the nightmare fashionistas we dish about every day on Celebrity Mound.

Gawker.com meets Glamour in this insider’s look at Oscar week penned by L.A. junior royalty: Goldberg, producer Leonard Goldberg’s daughter, has worked for Todd Oldham; Khalighi Hopper, daughter of Dennis Hopper and Daria Halprin, produced and starred in the indie film Americano. After a disastrous turn acting and bedding her superhunk co-star, Lola Santisi, 26 and the daughter of famed director Paul Santisi, swears off actors and acting for good. But Lola agrees to be the Hollywood ambassador for Best Gay Forever designer Julian Tennant, to help get a major actress to wear one of his dresses at the Oscars. Lola woos an array of glitterari, each more self-absorbed than the next in the runup to Graydon Carter’s famed Vanity Fair bash, and competes against the ruthless Prada ambassador Adrienne Hunt for the plum actor bods. There’s up-to-the-minute star chatter and fashion name-checking throughout; wonderfully dead-on moments as Lola negotiates underlings to get on set; and a possibly fatal relapse of actor fever. The shallowness is more severe than Angelina’s neckline, but that’s the point, and it quickly becomes imperative to discover just who is going to wear Julian Tennant to the Oscars. (Feb.)

Pick up your copy here!

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