Because No One Likes Looking at Naked People...

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... Okay, maybe not. But aren't elaborate, glittery costumes just as fun to look at?

Art classes are known for clusters of bored students mindlessly drawing equally bored naked models sitting in the center of the room. Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School is actually a more stylish -- and definitely more fun -- take on the age-old nude model session. It's, as the website describes, "what happens when cabaret meets art school". Anyone and everyone with their own supplies and paper can come in to the drawing session and sketch a beautifully-costumed burlesque dancer.

The original classes still take place in Brooklyn, but there are various other branches throughout the country -- not to mention the world! The last few times I planned to attend a Brooklyn session, my plans fell through. Luckily for me, I recently had the opportunity to attend a mini-session in Baltimore, and although it wasn't the full thing, it was amazing. The burlesque dancer (in my case, Kitty Victorian) was dressed in a stunningly shiny and feathery outfit, complete with top hat, and she was so much fun to draw. Not everyone in the room had previous drawing experience, but the great atmosphere was enjoyed by everyone.
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