Beach Ball ...

Metallics are hot, everyone wants a metallic bag, silver is the new gold, platinum is the new silver...after a while it all sounds like the teacher on Charlie Brown, "wha wha wha wha." I was just feeling a bit over carrying around a bag that could double for a tanning reflector (I know I just gave someone a major flashback!)

Kooba is on top of the metal trend, but they did it with a twist, and it sure got my attention!

The leather is not solid metallic, it's not cracked, or a fish skin effect. It's got tiny metallic flecks all over it, and the effect is magical. Sort of glittery, but not blindingly so. Flashy, but muted at the same time. I could not keep my hands off of it!

This is the Cassandra style, a nicely sized ball of a bucket bag (which as you may know can convert to an across the body bag with a pull of the straps) in silver. There is also a bronze color which is trimmed with black, but the effect of that is a bit too disco dazzley for my a clutch, maybe.

The Cassandra in silver/white is $595 from Kooba where there is a promotion offering free shipping going on now.

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