Are the Concepts behind the Most Popular TV Shows "Recycled"?

I’m a ‘frustrated’ fiction **writer -and I remember one of my supposed **editors **saying that there are actually no unique **storylines **in the world anymore -they have all been told through one form or another. What makes a writer **unique, and what will make a **story **her own -is the way that the **characters **are presented and how the **story **is told.

I guess the same thing holds true for TV shows. How many original concepts can you actually develop for a series **to become **a hit? “Friends”, “The Sopranos”, “Seinfeld” **and **“Sex and the City” may be groundbreaking in their own right, but the same story would have been told before -the only difference is that they were not a hit to the general viewing public.

Take a look at this list of “10 TV Shows that were Ripped Off by Other Shows”, as compiled by

1. Flip That House (Discovery Home) Vs. Flip This House (a&E)

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