A Wine Rack the Ladies Will Love


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Well, hell. Who needs Dr. 90210, or a padded push-up bra, for that matter, when you can have a rack like that does more than make you look more voluptuous (than you already are, of course)?

The Wine Rack is the women's response to that ridiculous thing I saw last year, the Beer Belly. It's a sports bra with bags that hold wine, or whatever other beverage of your choice that you wear under your clothes so you can surreptitiously sip. Why you would want to drink on the sly is beyond me, and to be quite honest, do you really want to start out as a very "full" (of Merlot) C cup and gradually fade down to a...modest B? I suppose it helps for those times when you're not allowed to BYOB(everage), but no one said anything about BYOB(reasts).

The Wine Rack is $29.95.
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