8 Tips for Wearing the LWD ...

While LBDs are unbeatable, and every girl should own one, it has new competition. Little White Dresses are taking the fashion world by storm, and they are a great addition to your wardrobe! They take slightly more planning then black dresses, however, to make sure you look chic and elegant at all times. Here are my top tips...

1. Check the Fabric

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Some white fabrics are see through, and won’t leave anything to the imagination! Make sure you try the dress on, and check that it retains its white colour when it’s on. See through dress = embarrassment waiting to happen!

2. Choose a Quality Dress

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Many white dresses will be lined, both to stop the dress from becoming see through and to give a more flattering silhouette, as white is not slimming like black is. Evaluate the quality of a few dresses, and pick the best made one. It’ll make you look the best!

3. Choose Stylish Shoes

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Remember that white dresses have a very feminine quality about them, and your shoes will need to match this. Pick a pretty pair in a muted colour that compliments the dress. If you want to wear black shoes, ensure you have a black accessory, such as a pretty black belt. Monochrome is set to stay a hot look!

4. Wear Wood

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Wooden accessories look amazing against a white dress. Go for carved wooden bangles and a wooden necklace. It adds a natural element to the outfit, and gives it an effortlessly elegant feel. Amazing!

5. Pick Your Underwear Carefully

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Black underwear really won’t cut it under a white dress...white underwear might look fine, but for best results, choose a matching nude set. Ensure they are supportive, and you’ll look divine. After all, an outfit starts with the underwear!

6. Add Colour

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To dress up your LWD, pick a colour and choose accessories in that colour. I love mixing bright red and white, it feels so glamorous, and red shoes with a matching belt and handbag looks divine. I loved Salma Hayek’s β€˜Grown Up’s’ Premiere outfit, it looks so like one of my favourite outfits!

7. Add a Jacket

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Choose a blazer to dress up an LWD, and you’ll be surprised at how classy it looks. A black masculine styled one is perfect for rocking the monochrome look, but a flattering white one will blend with the dress and look oh-so-elegant too. It’s a super easy way to transform your look, or to go from day to night...

8. Show Some Skin!

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The great thing about LWD’s is that their pure look means you can get away with flashing a little flesh, and that makes them perfect for the hotter days! Add some classy gold accessories to a daring cut-away white dress, and watch the admiring glances pour in. Trust me, it looks amazing!

I’ve had so much fun with my LWD this Summer! From choosing different colour themes to dressing it up and down, I’ve worn it all the time, and everytime it looks so different. It’s definitely a wardrobe essential! Have you got a tip for wearing a LWD? I’d love to hear it!

Top Photo Credit: liebemarlene

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