8 Things Not to do on the Internet when Drunk ...

I will admit it right now, I don’t drink. Alcohol is not something that comes in my house and I am lucky to have a husband that shares the same point of views with me. Call me what you want, but I don’t want the stuff around my daughter – this stuff does not belong around children. Now, if you get drunk, come home and get on the computer, there are some things you should avoid doing. I am going to tell you 8 things not to do on the Internet when drunk …

8. Use Your Credit Card

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Do you think this is a wise idea? That alcohol could really get to you and make you buy things that you would not normally purchase. Imagine three to seven days later, finding a three hundred dollar item setting at your door.

7. Change Your Password

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I know, when you’re drunk, you do things that you would not normally do – like change your password. Needless to say, you also do not remember things that you did. Therefore, you are not going to remember what you changed your password to. So, you need to avoid changing any passwords.

6. Do a Web Chat

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Oh come on, when you are drunk, do not do a web chat with complete strangers. This totally ruins that first impression. Besides, before you know it, you could end up coming across videos online that you don’t remember … all because of that web chat.

5. Post a Dating Ad

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For some reason, I do not think it is a good idea to post a dating ad online when you are drunk. Doing this may ruin any chance you may have of finding that true love.

4. Write Articles

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I’m glad I do not have to worry about this one! Of course, many of you know that I don’t just write for this blog site – I have many clients that I have been with for years. Writing is my fulltime job. If I were to get drunk and write articles, I would get into a lot of trouble, I am sure. Either that or I would be laughed at. Either way you go, I don’t want my business, ContentWritersRevenue, to be at stake. Do you know what made me think of this? The other day, a good writer on my writing team sent me an article that was full of stuff they would not normally write. I questioned them and it turns out they were drunk when they wrote the articles. I’m not sure if I can trust that individual with any articles, so we’ll have to start slow. Point blank, don’t write articles when you are drunk!

3. Post on Facebook

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You do not need to go posting how wasted you are on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or any other social networking group you may belong to.

2. Send an E-mail to Your Co-Workers

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Wow, who here would send an email to their co-workers while drunk? Do you think this is a good idea? You could end up giving them your real opinion.

1. Contact Your Boss

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When you are drunk, avoid contacting your boss online. Point blank, don’t do it.

Those are 8 things not to do on the Internet while drunk. I know, many of you may laugh at these, but I am being serious! Don’t do it. Oh, and don’t download porn while drunk. You will wake up to a computer full of Trojans. So, what would you like to add to this list?

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