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Music either heightens or helps any mood I’m in, but it’s especially helpful when I’m in a rotten mood. When I’m angry, I either want to hear something that sounds angry or something that makes me think of something positive. Typically, I listen to songs from a group of artists, but these are the individual songs that make it better. Here are 8 songs to soothe a bad mood...

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Song to Say Goodbye to: Placebo

Song to Say Goodbye to: Placebo Photo Credit: Carrie Musgrave | Livebabylive.com

This song is hardcore. When I’m really mad at or upset with someone, this helps immensely. I like to turn it up loud and sing it even louder. Doing so allows me to vent, especially if I happen to be kneading dough or beating eggs at the time.


Your Call: Secondhand Serenade

Your Call: Secondhand Serenade Photo Credit: Watchout! Theres Sin.

Special to me for personal reasons, beautifully written, and exquisitely sung, this song can lift me up in an instant. The lyrics are so evocative and meaningful on a personal level, this song always reminds me what I have to be thankful for.


Halloween: Dave Matthews Band

Halloween: Dave Matthews Band Photo Credit: B Rosen

I am a huge Dave Matthews Band fan -- and a huge Dave fan. I’ve seen the band in concert four or five times -- obsessed much? I love this song, which can be found on Before These Crowded Streets, because Dave sounds all angry and sexy, he growls and he curses and croons about violence, and it just makes me feel better in any number of ways!


The Relapse CD: Eminem

The Relapse CD: Eminem Photo Credit: Thinhe1

I’m a huge Eminem fan, and have been ever since he was battling and still underground. However, his latest albums have quickly become my favorites, especially this one. Specifically, “3 a.m.,” with its references to Hannibal Lecter, and “Beautiful,” lift my mood, for different reasons, of course.


The Recovery CD: Eminem

The Recovery CD: Eminem Photo Credit: King 3D Pixel

This is the other entire CD that can soothe -- or, well, agitate -- my bad mood. Seriously, if I listen to any and every song on here, I’m good. I can’t give you specific favorites, because I really do like them all. However, “Not Afraid,” “Love the Way You Lie,” “Seduction,” and “You’re Never Over” are especially special.


The Scientist: Coldplay

The Scientist: Coldplay Photo Credit: Tito ™ © ?

Again, this song soothes my mood for personal reasons. It’s one of those songs you definitely want played at your wedding, if you get me. It makes me remember everything I have that makes me happy.


As You Sleep: Something Corporate

As You Sleep: Something Corporate Photo Credit: all fall down

There are actually several Something Corporate songs that can improve my mood, like “Walking By” and “Punk Rock Princess.” This one is definitely at the top of the list, though.


I’ll Be: Edwin McCain

I’ll Be: Edwin McCain Photo Credit: Full Sail University

This song makes me feel better on a number of levels. For one thing, it evokes a ton of good memories from all the important moments of the latter half of my life. Plus, everyone dreams of having a love like that, and since I got one, well, hearing about what I always dreamed of and now have just makes me smile!

Music is just so important to me. This is an awful image, but it’s like Prozac to my ears or something. How does music make you feel better? Which songs can you recommend for soothing away the worst moods?

Top Photo Credit: nathascha

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Secondhand serenade'

Coldplay !!! <3

I think some other good songs are Fireflies by Owl City and Bad Day by Daniel Powter. At least thats what i listen to.

I loveee Owl City :) especially when I feel down, it cheers me up! It also calms me down when I get too excited some times.

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