8 Songs to Soothe a Bad Mood ...

Music either heightens or helps any mood I’m in, but it’s especially helpful when I’m in a rotten mood. When I’m angry, I either want to hear something that sounds angry or something that makes me think of something positive. Typically, I listen to songs from a group of artists, but these are the individual songs that make it better. Here are 8 songs to soothe a bad mood...

1. Song to Say Goodbye to: Placebo

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Photo Credit: Carrie Musgrave | Livebabylive.com

This song is hardcore. When I’m really mad at or upset with someone, this helps immensely. I like to turn it up loud and sing it even louder. Doing so allows me to vent, especially if I happen to be kneading dough or beating eggs at the time.

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