7 Awesome Christmas Songs ...


7 Awesome Christmas Songs ...
7 Awesome Christmas Songs ...

There have been numerous new Christmas songs written over the past few decades of my life, but I’m a sucker for the traditional ones. Something about the tunes just seems to get me in the Christmas spirit within the first few notes. This could be because I clearly remember my grandmother playing her favorite Christmas records on the living room stereo. The 7 awesome Christmas songs listed below have always been played in my home for as long as I can remember. See if some of these are ones you enjoy as well!

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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Photo Credit: oh miss aimee

What kid didn’t grow up singing this for the school Christmas program? It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t at least know the tune to this song. It definitely brings back childhood memories of singing along with classmates all dressed as red nosed reindeers. The joys of being a kid! Those were the days when dancing around while wearing foam antlers and a blinking red nose received a nod and a smile instead of a strange look.


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Photo Credit: melissabain

This song always made me so happy to hear. I grew up wishing for snow and sometimes got my wish, but not for long. The snow would appear over night and disappear by 10 in the morning. I always envisioned tons of snow and happy people playing outside in it when I would hear this song being played on the record player. As an adult, I moved to a location where snow was prevalent and I finally got my wish of snow during Christmas, as well as most of the year.


What Child is This

What Child is This Photo Credit: Madison Avenue

I had a musical dancing doll that my grandmother gave to me when I was a little girl. It was a small china doll dressed in a dark green velvet dress and bonnet that were both miniature replicas of clothing worn during the Victorian era. This little doll would sway back and forth, dancing around in a circular fashion to the song Greensleeves, which is composed of the same tune that goes along with this Christmas song.


Holly Jolly Christmas

Holly Jolly Christmas Photo Credit: *ChArLiE 2010(^:*

One of the Christmas cartoons that was shown each season on television was Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Burl Ives sang the songs for this animated feature. Stop-action animation was used for quite a few Christmas shows for kids, so I always associated this type of animation with my childhood, as well as this song.


Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells Photo Credit: MNesterpics

I think I’ve heard close to 20 renditions of this song, ranging from barking dogs to country singers. Sometimes new groups try to get creative with this popular Christmas song and it just doesn’t work. Death Metal versions aren’t my favorite types, especially for Christmas tunes. There’s just something about this version that takes a bit of the seasonal feel out of the song.


White Christmas

White Christmas Photo Credit: ellipsoidal

Whenever this song is mentioned, I instantly hear Bing Cosby crooning away on my grandmother’s record player. The record with this Christmas song on it had the most play time of all the records at our home during the holidays. My grandmother, mother, and I all have a copy of this same record. It just oozes Christmas!


Carol of the Bells

Carol of the Bells Photo Credit: jack berry

I don’t know how old I was when I first heard this song or where I heard it either. I remember being enthralled by the tune. I later found versions consisting of mostly singing and didn’t like them as much as the instrumental version, which is how I first heard this Christmas tune. Sometimes this song is also known as the Ukrainian Bell Carol. There is also an English version called Ring, Christmas Bells, which consists of different lyrics. I have heard this performed by live choirs and the effect is pretty breath-taking.

These 7 awesome Christmas songs are the ones that come to mind right away, but I have many others that I enjoy. I love Christmas time! There’s nothing like putting on some great holiday tunes to get me in the mood to decorate the house with lights and festive knick knacks, much to my husband’s chagrin. Thankfully he’s a good sport about it and let’s me enjoy myself as I bedeck the house in enough lights to be seen from quite some distance. What songs seem to be your top favorites around Christmas?

Top Photo Credit: SjoerdvW

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My Only Wish & The Twelve Days of Christmas (Shrek version lol)

12 days AFTER Christmas has always been one of my personals faves =)

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