10 Amazing Johnny Cash Songs ...


10 Amazing Johnny Cash Songs ...
10 Amazing Johnny Cash Songs ...

My dad introduced me to the music of Johnny Cash many years ago, and I am so grateful for this. Cash is a REAL musicianand singer, not the so-called singers that clog up the charts these days. Unlike him, however, they are unlikely to have careers that span decades and appeal to all ages. Have a listen to some of these wonderful songs.

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I See a Darkness

I discovered this song recently, and it immediately became a firm favourite. Such a beautiful song …



How many ‘mature’ artists could successfully cover songs by younger musicians? In his later years Cash did fantastic covers, including this song by Nine Inch Nails. He brings such raw emotion to it, and it is especially poignant listening to it now, knowing that he would die soon after.


Further on up the Road

This tune is slightly more upbeat than some of Cash’s work, even if the lyrics aren’t! Some great guitar work, combined with that distinctive gravelly voice, makes for another great song.


Solitary Man

This song has been performed by Cash, Neil Diamond and Chris Isaak. I generally prefer one version of a song to another, but this time I love all three versions. Each singer brings his own distinctive voice to the song.


The Mercy Seat

At first, this Nick Cave song might seem an odd choice for a veteran singer to cover, but when you listen to the lyrics you realise that it fits in perfectly with Cash’s common theme of death and redemption.


Ain’t No Grave

Although Cash so often sings about death, this song being no exception, it somehow manages to be uplifting. As ever, the guitar playing is wonderful.


The Man Comes around

This song has been used in several films, including the remake of ‘Dawn of the Dead’. It definitely has that apocalyptic quality, and is a true Cash classic.


The Man Who Couldn’t Cry

A rare, lighthearted (relatively) song from Cash. No matter what happens to the poor protagonist – everything that possibly could go wrong, does! – he still can’t cry.


The Man in Black

Cash was known as the Man in Black, because he always wore black when performing. In this song, he explains the apparent reasons for his choice of dress, which are more poetic than the real reason – that in his early days, black was the only matching clothing that he and his band had.


I Hung My Head

I Hung My Head is another sad, but beautiful song about a murder which ends in the killer being condemned. He regrets the act, but it is too late, the deed is done …

If the only Johnny Cash songs you’re familiar with are ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘I Walk the Line’, then have a listen to some of these. I hope you’ll discover something new. Cash really was a fantastic singer, musician and songwriter. Are your music tastes typical of your age group, or do you like all sorts of genres?

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I love love looooove this post :) though my favorite songs are cocaine blues and ring of fire.

Ring of fire and Hurt...........love.

my music tastes are a bit atypical for my age group, but who cares :) i'm sooo glad you had the man comes around. that's my favorite! (other than hurt, of course)

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