8 Best Ex-Bashing Songs ...


8 Best Ex-Bashing Songs ...
8 Best Ex-Bashing Songs ...

Don’t you just love to hear a good, strong ex-bashing song? I love them and they are always on my playlist regardless of my relationship status! There is something about them that moves me and makes me feel strong and capable of doing anything. They are perfect for getting over a break-up and even better after it’s all done! So, here are my top 8:

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Beyonce – Irreplaceable

“…and keep talking that mess, that’s fine, but could you walk and talk at the same time?” Priceless! This song is on my top list because it helped me get back on my feet after realizing that I’ve wasted two years with the man that didn’t deserve me. It’s emotional and kind of empowering at the same time – makes you feel like you want to cry but you don’t allow yourself to do that. Why? Because you are a strong woman who gives everything and wants everything in return.


Pink – so What

Upbeat and wild! Perfect for those times when you just can’t stand listening to anything slow and sad. So, yup, put it on repeat and dance in front of the mirror while picking your party dress! Why not? Hey, the ex is gone and you’re ready to hit the dance floor looking like a million bucks. “So what? I am a rock star! I’ve got my rock moves and I DON’T NEEEEEED YOU!”


Destiny’s Child – Survivor

“She won’t last a day without me and she’ll be begging to take her back in no time!” Hmm, any guy thinking this is up for a big surprise. No, we won’t self-destruct, fall apart, go broke or stop breathing because we’re much smarter, wiser and better than that. Furthermore, every guy that sells us short doesn’t deserve us anyways!


Ciara – like a Boy

“What if I had a thing on the side, made you cry, would the rule change or would they still apply?” I can’t say for sure but Ciara definitely painted a very nice picture. I mean, have you ever wished that you could be a man, even for a second? I certainly have!


Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

Come on, I’m sure you all know and love this song although it's old and cheesy. I enjoy jumping, dancing, gesturing and screaming the words out even if there is no Mr. Wrong to point at of think of. It makes me feel kind of strong and reminds me that I wouldn’t have been where I am right now, if I didn’t have the will to survive and move on. So, whenever you feel lonely or weak do try to think of all of his wrongdoings and play this song to remind that you have “all your life to live and all your love to give” and that you “will survive” and experience a lot more great stuff!


Tony Braxton – He Wasn’t Man Enough

This song rock even now, 10 years later and it will be relevant as long as this “imaginary triangle” situation exists. I absolutely love it because it’s so real and if you are in the situation that enables to you still see your ex and his new girlfriend or wife, you’re bound to be the object of her attention, jealousy and even fake pity. No worries, though, just listen to this song and find lyrics too because it’s a bit hard to understand by just listening and… practice your own “I’ve already had your man” attitude for the next time you meet them.


Carrie Underwood – before He Cheats

A little bit of imaginary violence has never hurt anybody so this song is perfect for letting it all out. That is, as long as you don’t try to really destroy his car! I’ve had moments in which carving my name in the cheating bastard’s seats has sounded like the only fair thing to do but, no, I wouldn’t stoop to that level. He’ll get what he deserved, believe me that so “maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats” !


Mariah Carey – Shake It off

I’m not a big fan of Mimi but this song is definitely one of my favorite post-break-up medicines. So, if the guy is not being good to you, it’s time to shake him off, get on with your fabulous life and make more time for your fabulous self. After all, you have to do what’s good for you.

Now, these are just some of my favorite ones so feel free to add more. I’d very much like to update my playlist a little bit. Do you listen to these songs, anyways? I know some girls prefer them only during the post break-up period. So, am I the only one who thinks any time is a good time to hear a good ex-bashing song?

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okay..So its a little off subject, but "Like A Boy" has awesome choreography! I absolutely love everything about this music video. & its a good 'bashing' song :)

Smile by Lily Allen? AND the video!

Labi Siffre - Too Late Frankee - F*** You Right Back

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