8 Guilty Pleasure Bands ...


8 Guilty Pleasure Bands ...
8 Guilty Pleasure Bands ...

We’re all guilty of it. There are songs from bands and musicians on our play lists that we hide like a teenager’s stash of Trojans. They may night be really horrible, but you’d rather die than let your friends and loved ones know you’re into certain bands. What the French, toast, I’m sharing mine.

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The Darkness

The Darkness Photo Credit: dead by sunrise

I believe in a thing called love, baby. I was hooked on these guys the first time I saw their cheese-tastic video. I don’t like to let anyone know it because they are so very cheese-tastic -- plus, well, isn’t this their hit? I should have added them to my one-hit wonder list…


New Kids on the Block

Yeah, I said it. I don’t mean now, either, I like them best way back when. I still have the songs from their first two albums memorized -- and sometime I get my Joey McIntyre doll out and make him serenade me. I still have his baseball hat and everything, because I loved me some little Joey -- and heck, he’s still a hottie! Jordan’s turned into a major d-bag though, and doesn’t seem to know it.


The Moody Blues

This is a guilty pleasure only because my fiancee and assorted friends make fun of me rigorously whenever I rock out to the Moody Blues. On the plus side, both my parents and my in-laws to be totally agree with me that this band is awesome. Score! Oh wait…


The Monkees

I’m a total daydream believer, y’all. I got into the Monkees way back when, going through my mom’s old records. I’m not quite as into Davy Jones as Marcia Brady, but he’s cute in a teeny tiny Hobbit kind of way. Besides, that voice is just precious.



Oh man. When I think of all the hours I lost as a moody teenager, shut away in my room, brooding to “Champagne Supernova,” “Wonderwall,” “Morning Glory,” and “Cast No Shadow,” I could just cry. In my defense, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? was the only album I was ever crazy about, but still. …I’m still crazy about it.


Ying Yang Twins

I know, I know. You know what’s really guilty pleasure worthy? I got into them when they appeared on Flavor of Love. Right? I have nothing to say for myself -- except just shake, chica, shake, shake!


Billy Joel

Again, this is only a guilty pleasure because my Better Half totally makes fun of me for my passionate love of Billy -- at least until “Only the Good Die Young” was recently featured on glee. How do you like that? Funny story: I became a fan when “For the Longest Time” was featured on the Chipmunks cartoon. I loved the Chipmunks.


The Beach Boys

I guess the Boys just aren’t cool anymore. I don’t care though. I still think Pet Sounds is one of the best albums ever. My dad is responsible for my Beach Boys love -- he used to jam out crazy on his drums while I sang along. On my StarStage.

I know y’all have some secrets too. Don’t leave me hanging out here all by myself. I showed you mine, now you show me yours: are there any cringe-worthy bands or singers you love jamming out to in private?

Top Photo Credit: Cracking Jokes

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great list, i agree with all of them, but that might just be because all of them are currently on my ipod. i would have added the goo goo dolls, though :)

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