8 Beatles Songs I Adore ...


8 Beatles Songs I Adore ...
8 Beatles Songs I Adore ...

The Beatles were hands down one of the most amazing bands ever. Ever. I'm only twentysomething (haha), but I've liked them since birth from default. I mean, I grew up the progeny of parents who had the Magical Mystery Tour album in vinyl – in pristine condition, even though they listened to it all the time. From their first hits to their final ones, I've always loved the Fab Four – and here are the top 8 Beatles' songs I adore.

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“from Me to You”

This is from early days, when the quartet was still exceedingly poppy. I'll confess that while I like those upbeat tunes, this is my only favorite favorite – because it's awesome. It's a simple little ditty, but no one ever said great songs had to be complicated.


“Eleanor Rigby”

Sometimes they are, though, and I think “Eleanor Rigby” falls under that category. This is one of my favorite songs in life period, although it's also one of the most depressing songs I've ever heard. However, it's a realistic kind of depressing, if you can dig it. It's not full of drama and angst, per se, it's subtle – and it's got a stellar beat.



“Yesterday” is such a beautiful song. It makes me choke up every time I hear it. Boyz II Men covered it beautifully, but no one can really compete with the Fab Four's choirboy voices. I listened to this during every breakup I ever went through, cried buckets, and ultimately clawed my way out of it. Thanks Beatles!


“Penny Lane”

This song always makes me think of home. The rhyming scheme, to me, is evocative of a nursery rhyme, but it works with this song. It's like the guys are paying homage to their old neighborhoods, and their doing so always reminds me of my old hometown. The Beatles are great for many things; nostalgia is just one of them.



This is another song that has the power to make me choke up every time I hear it. Paul's voice in this song just kills me as well, it's so sweet and vulnerable. Although I know this came out after the fever pitch of Beatlemania, I can still understand why so many girls were prone to weeping and fainting whenever the Fab Four was even mentioned.


“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

I think every band has to have one of those totally fun, acid trippy songs. The Beatles actually have a lot, all things considered, but this is definitely my favorite. Plus, my dad used to sing it to me when I was little, while dancing me around the living room – you just can't beat those kinds of memories, you know?



This is one of just a few songs written by George Harrison, but it proves unequivocally that he had a sweet touch with the pen. This is the kind of song every girl would secretly thrill to hear from the person she loves. It's phenomenally touching and incredibly romantic, all in one rather small package.


“Hey Jude”

Contrary to popular belief, this isn't the sole property of Sir Paul McCartney – although I do love hearing the version he does with just his piano. Before he took it solo, however, it was another Beatles' anthem – and it may well be my most favorite. If you're ever having a bad day, just give this a listen – you'll feel better instantly.

I know these aren't all the all-time greatest Beatles songs, but they're my favorites. They may well be the most iconic band in terms of what they are still doing for music. What are your favorite tunes by the Beatles?

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I love the songs I'll Follow The Sun, Mr. Moonlight, Help!, & Oh! Darling

Oh gosh, my favorite Beatles song seems to change every day. Right now I'm really digging She Came in Through the Bathroom Window and Sexy Sadie. And even though it's not a Beatles original I've always loved Twist and Shout. The rawness of John's voice in that song is amazing!

The Beatles are amazing!!

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