10 Essential Beatles Songs Everyone Should Know ...


10 Essential Beatles Songs Everyone Should Know ...
10 Essential Beatles Songs Everyone Should Know ...

I did not like The Beatles when I was younger-- in fact, I claimed to 'hate' them. Everyone would fight me on it and tell me I would know better someday… and that someday came when I became an adult. Once the time of disliking The Beatles for their simplicity and ‘cheese’ broke down-- I declared love, respect, and understanding for their style and timeless innovation. Basically the rumors are true: The Beatles are the best songwriters and band of all time. So stop being stubborn and begin to enjoy the band that made girls scream and cry. Here is just a sample of some outstanding songs The Beatles have to offer…

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Strawberry Fields Forever

Production wise, this song took The Beatles into uncharted waters. This haunting Lennon tune sounds like it came from another planet. The band met in the middle by blending two different keys to create one gooey trip.


Hey Jude

I dare you to play this song at a party and not get everyone singing along! The chorus is epic and could be one of the most well known songs by The Beatles-- and it’s still good!


Here There and Everywhere

Never before or since has Paul been so pretty with a melody. The lightness of the music contrasted with the most sincere sweet lyrics-- makes this song want her (or him) everywhere. This song is from the best Beatles record ever-- Revolver (at least in my opinion J).


In My Life

Even though it is played at funerals and weddings, it’s a timeless classic that evokes childhood and lost youth. Slow dance your way through this bittersweet lullaby. The guitar tone is unforgettable-- much like the love shared throughout the song.


Let It Be

If you are learning how to play piano (or guitar) this ‘Macca’ tune is your introduction to be in your own one man Beatles band. Hint: If you’re playing it on the piano-- hit all the white keys.



George wrote this love song for his wife Patty Boyd-- little did he know he was the voice for romance. Desperate honesty for intimacy shines through in George’s words as the dreamy backdrop of instruments keeps the mood heavy.


Here Comes the Sun

I dare you to put this song on in the spring time with the windows down and not feel happy! The Beatles assure you that it’s okay to feel good and uplifted by the world’s natural light source.


I Saw Her Standing There

Taking the raw R&B and rockin' soul of American music, The Beatles distilled it into one fine two minute pop song. Early Beatles was hopeful in love and so danceable!


Happiness is a Warm Gun

This Lennon penned guitar riffage encompasses three different styles of rock n roll to make one mean brew. Hazy darkness swirls together to create one of the heaviest songs-- dynamically and lyrically.


Helter Skelter

The nastiest dirtiest noise The Beatles ever put to tape-- and it’s also wrapped inside a beautiful pop song. This song is guaranteed to make you head bang and want to stomp your feet. Groovy and heavy-- there is no other Beatles song like this!

Listen again and again as The Beatles arranged loveable- unforgettable music. Not only did they create outstanding songs-- but powerful mood was captured that you can still feel to this day. What are some of your favorite Beatles songs?

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I know none of these songs. Besides, I prefer Rolling Stones. The ONLY Beatles song I like is that yellow submarine one.

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