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8 Simple Details That Make a Garment Different ...

By Alison

I was browsing a online store recently when I came across a dress I really loved. It was a fairly basic long-sleeved black dress, but there was one detail that caught my eye – it had really interesting sleeves. Sometimes a simple detail like that can make a garment look great, so here are some suggestions of what to look for.

1 Fluted Sleeves

Fluted SleevesImage source: eviegreenpixie

Also known as trumpet sleeves, these are rather like the equivalent of bootleg trousers. The sleeves are fitted until they flare out at the wrist. If they’re too long, they get in the way, but it adds a lovely hint of style to a top or dress.

2 Trim

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Even a plain top can look fabulous if it has a lovely trim. Whatever the trim is made of – say fake fur or ribbon – an interesting edge on a sleeve or neck transforms it into something else.

3 Neckline

NecklineImage source:

V-neck or scoop neck? Hmmm, maybe that’s a bit boring. What about a wide neck, an angular neckline or some other shape that looks interesting?

4 Buttons

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It’s often suggested that you can change the look of a garment by changing the buttons. A basic shirt or plain coat can look more expensive and interesting if you swap the buttons. There is such a huge range available that you are sure to find some that you like.

5 Belt

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A plain dress can be, well, too plain. But if it has a belt made of the same material, or one in a contrast fabric, that can be just the detail to make it fabulous. It doesn’t always require much for a garment to be just right.

6 Fit

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For a piece of clothing to look really good, it has to be the right fit. So look out for items that flatter you. If you like something, but it’s too big, pulling it in with a belt or doing a little sewing can be all that’s needed.

7 Colour

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Although I love black, a basic garment can look wonderful in the right shade, For example, I have a very simple dress that I love, in a soft green shade. So for that simple touch of style, look at different shades, especially one that you might not normally choose.

8 Fabric

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Leggings may be a wardrobe staple, but cheap ones really look cheap, right? This shows how a basic garment can look so much better if it’s in the right fabric. So look for clothes in quality or interesting material.

I hope that this has given you some ideas, and that you might now find some great clothes that you love. Sometimes less is more – well, not less fabric! – and a small detail can really make a garment. Have fun!

Top Photo Credit: Tabitha Vitriol

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