8 Signs You Are Too Good for Him ...


Have you ever had a boyfriend your friends couldn’t stand, or met a friend's new guy and been shocked at how much you dislike him? I’m always shocked when I see gorgeous, friendly and quite frankly amazing women with less-than-desirable guys; surely they know they could do so much better! Well, apparently not, and we all know how hard it is to talk to friends about their partners, so I’ve devised 8 signs you are too good for him... the more you match, the faster you should ditch him. Problem solved!

1. He’s Dated Your Friends

Okay, so recycling is good. But when he’s dated your sister, your best friend and that girl you used to work with, he isn’t worth recycling. Let's face it, when you want to complain about your guy, you don’t really want to hear “Yeah, he used to do that to me, too.” And when he forgets your birthday? A list of what he got her isn’t going to help. Save yourself the hassle!

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