8 Signs You Are Finally over Your Ex ...

So when you broke up, you would have done anything to get back together, and it felt like your heart had been put in a blender. And those first nights alone will always make you miss him...it’s quieter than usual and you are used to having a man around, with all his strange habits. It’s completely normal to still have some feelings for your ex...but it isn’t fair to go on the hunt for a new guy until you they’ve faded away. Here are the eight signs you are definitely finally over him...

1. You Have a Crush

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Photo Credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell

You’ve just realized that the man at the supermarket is actually really cute, or that the guy who delivers your newspaper is a real hottie...congratulations! Noticing and admiring other males is a sure sign that you aren’t feeling that loyalty to your ex anymore, and are moving on. Which is excellent! Enjoy crushing on as many people as possible, and don’t forget to put up posters of some gorgeous half-naked men....(well, my male friends all do it!)

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