8 Lessons We Can Learn from Brad and Ange ...

Recently I’ve been thinking about relationships, and what you can learn from other people. After all, there are some lessons that you just won’t learn unless you make the mistake yourself, but others, you can avoid heartbreak by adopting from the start. The best celebrity couple? In my opinion, Brad and Angelina. They’ve been through everything...here are my top 8 lessons we can learn from Brad and Angie.

1. Exe’s Never Really Go Away

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Whether she’s a gorgeous celebrity on the front of every magazine or just someone who lives nearby, exes don’t go away. There is always the possibility of bumping into them, or them being bought up in conversation...history cannot be erased. So work out all the difficulties they did or could cause, and make peace, so that when they do pop up, they can’t cause problems.

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