8 Items You Need for the Grunge Trend ...

OMG. Grunge is coming back! I am so excited! I love paying attention to the latest trends and styles, but I have never in life been so completely excited. I think I've mentioned about a million times how much I loved this style back in the day – and now that it's back with an edgier, more modern twist, I couldn't be happier. If you're excited too, check out these 8 items you need for the grunge trend!

1. A Little Floral Dress

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Whether it's a baby baby doll dress or something a bit subtler, you need a little floral piece. It gives a feminine edge to the whole grunge style, and looks spectacularly stellar with tights, leggings, and combat boots. It has the added bonus of being versatile, so you can wear it even when you aren't doing the grunge thing.

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