8 Items to Carry in Your Emergency Wedding Day Kit ...

Well, it’s that big day you’ve been waiting for, your wedding day! You want it to go smoothly and perfectly with nothing to spoil it, right? Well, there’s no way to guarantee that you won’t have any little unexpected mishaps or boo-boo’s, so it’s best to be prepared! So among your arsenal of bobby pins, hairspray and nail files, here are 8 more items to carry in your emergency wedding day kit!

1. Advil

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All the stress of rushing around, plus your nerves could bring on a terrible headache! The last thing you want to do is say your “I do’s” with a pounding migraine, so be sure and pop a few Advil if you feel the slightest ache or pain of any kind coming on! And share with your bridesmaids should they feel a little pain coming on. You don’t want them to be moody on your big day!

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