8 Figure-Loving Skirts for Summer ...

There are some gorgeous skirts appearing ready for the Summer, but have you ever noticed some seem to be suitable for the very thin only? Or for those of us blessed with gorgeous long legs? I’m fed up of having to search for a skirt built to fit me, so I’m loving all of the figure-friendly skirts that are around... here are 8 of the best!

1. One Teaspoon Studded Denim Skirt

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Price: $321 at asos.com
This is a gorgeous denim skirt. It’s the shape and styling that makes it amazing, though! With a low, dipped waistline and a busy hem, it’s flattering whatever figure you have, and it’s full of attitude too. You can’t fail to feel and look great! It’s so simple to wear, too, as it looks great dressed up or teamed with a simple top.

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