8 Cartoons Shows Adults Can Watch and like ...

Do you feel embarrassed because you watch cartoons? Oh, come on, I still watch cartoons, there is nothing wrong with that, is there? If you are looking for some cartoons that are more adult like, then this blog is for you. Of course, the first two on my list are for kids too, but I just had to include them, because, well, adults like it too!

8. Looney Tunes

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Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

Come on, you canโ€™t possibly turn down Looney Tunes, can you? Bugs Bunny rocks! Who doesnโ€™t enjoy watching Bugs Bunny tie Elmerโ€™s gun in knots? Elmer loves hunting rabbits, especially ones like Bugs Bunny! Oh and donโ€™t forget about Daffy Duck! Suffering Succotash!

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