7 Summer Hair Tips ...

Summer heat may wreak havoc on your hair, but it doesn’t have to! My hair responds to heat and humidity in the usual way: frizzy, limp, and lifeless. What do I do to give my hair a boost? Well, I may never have model perfect, movie star locks, but I can have hair that hold ups to the sun and humidity! Keep reading to find my secrets.

1. Curls That Won’t Frizz

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This is the biggest problem I face. My hair is naturally curly, so when it meets the humidity of summer, it doesn’t have the strength to fight alone. So I give it a little armor! Mix a dab of hair cream with a dab of hair shine in the palm of your hand. The silicone in the shine treatment blocks humidity, while the creams helps keep my curl defined and shaped. No more frizzies!

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