7 Reasons Why It Feels Good to Be a Grownup ...


Being a grownup and having all those responsibilities and troubles that go hand in hand with living a life of an average person pretty much sucks at times. I often wish I could go back to being six again with only one concern on my mind – will my mom let me stay outside and play despite the fact that it’s getting dark outside. Teenage years were also cool, liberal parents, partying every weekend, no curfew and all I had to do is make sure I have good grades, stay out of trouble and be honest about where and with whom am I going out with. Good memories indeed but, although I like to remember them and even wish I could go back and relive some of them, there’s nothing that makes me more motivated to keep moving forward than knowing who I am now. Yup, being a grownup does have its good sides…plenty of them. So here’s what I like most about it:

1. Better Relationship with Siblings

When we are kids we kind of see our little brothers and sisters as the “little screaming brats that popped out of nowhere and stole out spotlight”. Older siblings are also a loathed category as they always boss us around. Luckily, when you grow up, you realize how cool your siblings really are and embrace the fact that, although they have their “crazy bugs”, they are the closest family members you’ll ever have.

Financial Independence
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