7 Reasons to Be Happy TODAY ...


They say life is what happens while we’re too busy making other plans and, considering all the downsides and challenges we face every day, I definitely see how this could be true. I had a friend that was always busy chasing new ways to earn money, more glam ways to spend it, better or at least different people to hang with. Regardless of how much he had, he always wanted more so, when I asked him why can’t he just be happy today, he said “If I stop and actually believe I’m good where I am now, how can I be 100% happy? I’ll always wonder if I could have had something more than just that!” Well, how about setting some challenging goals and actually stopping for a second do congratulate yourself and feel good about it? Here’s why I think we should all stop for just a millisecond and be happy right now!

1. You Know More than You Knew One Year Ago

When we turn 18 (or 21, depending on the country), we think we know everything. At 20 something we figure out there is still a lot to learn and by the time we reach 30, we start focusing more on what’s going to happen tomorrow than on what’s going on today. We’re trying to predict everything political changes to our boss’s bad moods. Don’t burden yourself by worrying about things you can’t control and stressing over the fact that you can’t know everything in advance. You know a lot and you have a lot of experience to help you swim through those murky rivers of life. You might hit a rock here and there but worrying about the possibility of hitting a rock will certainly slow you down and make you a very dull swimming partner.

You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be
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