7 Healthy Foods for Your Baby and Toddler ...

In today’s health conscience society, nutritious meals and snacks are on the top of every one’s must have needs. While we are looking for healthy alternatives to French fries and hamburgers, don’t forget your baby! Your baby’s brain is still developing and wholesome foods are an essential part of growing up healthy! Below are my top favorite choices for my baby and toddler. I think you (and your baby!) will also love them!

1. Apple and Pear Puree

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Peel, core, and dice one small apple and pear. Cook in 3 TBS. of water until very soft, about 7-10 minutes. Mix in a blender, or press through a sieve. If necessary, thin with water until it’s the consistency you desire. Serve lukewarm. Keeps 24 hours in refrigerator.

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