7 Cool Ideas for Your Scrapbook ...


I can recall the awe I felt when I first came upon a row of craft items that were specifically designed for scrapbooking. I wasn't even familiar with the art of making scrapbooks, so I had no idea what all this amazing stuff was even for. I just remember being fascinated by the never ending assortment of stickers, intricately designed papers, and a plethora of gadgets. Whether scrapbooking is completely new to you or if you've been creating them for decades already, here are 7 cool ideas for your scrapbook endeavors.

7. Save Wrappings from Gifts to Make a Scrapbook Devoted to Birthdays

Out of all the birthdays I've seen in my lifetime, I have yet to have multiple birthdays where the wrapping paper has been exactly the same as a previous year's. You could use the best looking pieces of wrapping paper as the backdrop on photos of a particular birthday. Another idea would be to cut a square from each piece of paper and paste these together to form a patchwork design on the page.

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