7 Best Songs for Relaxing ...


7 Best Songs for Relaxing ...
7 Best Songs for Relaxing ...

I don't know about you ladies, but sometimes on my day off, I just want to lay on my couch with a book and some really great relaxing music. Not music that puts me to sleep, but music that relaxes me and helps me wind down after a crazy week. The following are the 7 best songs for a relaxing afternoon.

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Shut Me out: Aidan Hawken

Shut Me out: Aidan Hawken Buy For $0.99 at amazon.com
This song has such a sweet and mellow tone. It's beautiful. It really makes you happy when you hear it. Even though the lyrics aren't exactly the happiest, the song isn't depressing at all.


Sweet Pea: Amos Lee

Sweet Pea: Amos Lee Buy For $0.99 at amazon.com
This song has the same feel as the first song. It's very a very sweet little love song. But it's not in your face or too upbeat. It's what every love song should be, mellow with no dramatics and relaxing.


Paper Aeroplane: Angus & Julia Stone

Paper Aeroplane: Angus & Julia Stone Buy For $0.99 at amazon.com
This song doesn't have the happiest lyrics. But, it's not too slow or sad. The lead singer has a great voice that keeps your attention and all in all it's very soothing.


Part One: Band of Horses

Part One: Band of Horses Buy For $0.99 at amazon.com
This song is more slow paced and the lead singers voice has a way of lulling you. But not to sleep. It keeps you in this fog of calm that's actually very nice after a very busy and stressful week or day.


True Affection: the Blow

True Affection: the Blow Buy For $0.99 at amazon.com
This girl's voice is absolutely enthralling. She pulls you into another world where you feel like you're slipping into a warm bath. It's definitely a song I listen to unwind.


A Lack of Color: Death Cab for Cutie

A Lack of Color: Death Cab for Cutie Buy For $0.99 at amazon.com
Ben Gibbard truly has a gift. His voice is like a long massage and his lyrics really work their way into your head. He has a way of conveying human emotion that isn't too overwhelming. And, to top it all off, the music is really soothing.


Never Think: Rob Pattinson

Never Think: Rob Pattinson Buy For $0.99 at amazon.com
Once again, I am caught by surprise. I thought the Twilight heartthrob was just another teenage girl fantasy and I didn't really find anything about him too great. But, when he opens his mouth to sing, you get a little blown away. It's a very nice surprise and I recommend this song for a day lounging in the sunlight on your sofa.

Well ladies, this is my relaxing playlist. What do you listen to to relax? Which artists and songs help you unwind after a rough day? Let me know down below!

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I recently listened Pattinson's song and it was really a relaxing surprise.

I'd like to suggest a couple more! "All the Wild Horses" & "Be Here Now" - Ray LaMontagne "Hear a Song" - Ian Love "Go to Heaven" - The Pierces "Good Morning Kaia" - BT

rock n roll by eric hutchinson, it's not really relaxing, but it is really upbeat and fun

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