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7 Songs for Working out ...

By Fawn

When you're working out at the gym or at home, you need some music that will get your blood pumping and get you ready to lift some weights and do some cardio. The last thing you need is something slow and relaxing to come onto your iPod while you're in the middle of your workout. With these 7 songs on your playlist, you won't have to worry about your music slowing down, you'll just need to worry about keeping up!

Table of contents:

  1. three doors: v.a.s.t
  2. pretty handsome awkward: the used
  3. wolf like me: tv on the radio
  4. panic switch: the silversun pickups
  5. rock 'n' roll queen: the subways
  6. everlong: foo fighters
  7. you're so damn hot: ok go

1 Three Doors: V.a.S.T

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This song is fast and upbeat from start to finish. The singer (Jon Crosby) keeps you energetic with his highly emotionally charged voice that just comes at you in waves. Just watch out for the very end where all you have to work with is bagpipes, that might slow you down a bit if you don't see it coming.

2 Pretty Handsome Awkward: the Used

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The Used come at you face-first with guns blazing with this song. The hard beat will keep you moving for your entire workout. Just watch out, there's a little explicit content. Don't drop a weight on your foot just because you hear Burt drop an F-bomb.

3 Wolf like Me: TV on the Radio

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This is one of my favorite songs of all time, not just to work out to. The beat makes you want to move and in the middle of the song when it slows down, you'll take it as a much needed break. Just be careful, it comes right back and it comes back strong!

4 Panic Switch: the Silversun Pickups

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This song doesn't really have a strong beat that will keep you moving at a certain pace, it just keeps your blood moving with it's energy. So keep an eye on your rhythm. Don't speed up or slow down too much.

5 Rock 'N' Roll Queen: the Subways

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This song gets just a little bit screamy and the very beginning is a little bit more tame than the rest of the song. So be ready to crank up the intensity a bit! Just don't let the slow downs and speed ups change your pace too much.

6 Everlong: Foo Fighters

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This song is the perfect for a fast-paced workout. Either running or some really quick reps with some light weights. Just remember to ease into it or you'll be completely worn out by the end of the song!

7 You're so Damn Hot: OK Go

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This is the right song to end on. It's upbeat and has a good rhythm but it's not too fast paced or hard core. It'll end your work out on a really nice note. Plus the little instrumental part in the middle will give you one last little burst for really going strong. Just don't overdo it!

Well ladies this is my rocking workout play list. What songs do you listen to to get your blood pumping? Let me know down below!

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