7 Beautiful Knobs for Your Cabinets ...


If you enjoy finding and repurposing gorgeous antique tables and dressers and such, then you already know the delight of matching just the right knobs to bring the piece up to date while still retaining its vintage charm. You may be tempted to settle for what you can find in the local hardware store, but resist! Try a few of these instead! Here are 7 beautiful knobs for your cabinets, dressers, tables, and more!

1. Glass Melon Knob

Glass Melon Knob

Price: $8.00 at anthropologie.com

These gorgeous glass knobs come in a range of eight rich colors, from bright Prussian blue to deep amber to the palest of pinks, and everything in between. They come with everything you need to mount them right away, and the long bolt is made to be trimmed to just the right size. Each melon-shaped globe is capped with a slightly different metal piece, in brass, silver, or zinc. Iā€™d use these to finish an antique vanity or end table.

Alexandra Knob
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